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1. Post Processing - Learn Retouching your images in Adobe Lightroom.

July 8th, 2017

Address: B-13, Sec - 39, NOIDA at 05:00 PM.

Registration Fee : FREE!

Batch - 7-10

 1. Valley of Flowers

Dates : Departure from Delhi July 18th, 2017 - Arrival in Delhi July, 23rd, 2017. (6 Days - 5 Nights)

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2. Goa

Dates: 5th November - 11th November.

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To be announced!

Snapoholic is a cross cultural platform to promote photography by engaging the community in activities, providing informative articles & helping members to get professional assignments.

Articles on snapoholic are divided into three categories focusing on various aspects of photography to ensure holistic growth of an individual as a photographer.

Creative Vision Composition Gear

1. Creative Human Vision

2. Composition

3. Photography Gear

This section is dedicated to understanding and improving creative vision. It's interesting how eyes & various regions of brain work together to interpret visual data and try to make sense of this crazy world.   This section is dedicated to understanding composition in Photography. Learn concepts from visual design theory to make your images more impactful and emotionally appealing.  Last but not the least, this section is dedicated to understanding the equipment. No more grappling to figure out the best settings, best lenses or camera body. Find recommendations based on budget and purpose.

How Human vision Works


Photography is an artistic visual medium to EXPRESS. We express what we BELIEVE. Seeing is BELIEVEING. This chain of thoughts embarked me on a journey to understand how we really see. When I started, I had a very simple view about human vision and thought that eyes

Depth of Field : Bokeh


'Bokeh' is a Japanese word that simply means blur or haze. It refers to out of focus area in a photograph. To keep the subject in focus and the background out of focus is a popular technique among photographers and it is used to isolate the subject and make the photograph more appealing. 

Depth Perception


Over millions of years of human evolution we developed various ways to perceive depth & distance as it was necessary to survive in the wild and to navigate through the jungles.

Visual Interpretation




 Do we see exactly what our eyes see?  It seems not, as per recent researches scientists now believe that our vision is a smart vision compared to dumb vision of a camera.

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