Its been multiple times you plan an outing with your peeps to offset the banal city life but it's a rare event when the probability of all the withdrawing factors is null and finally a trip is entrenched. Haven't you planned a GOA trip before with your besties?? The answer is known to all and so is the reality!

Its the same phase we were going through, looking for an outing, the possibilities were less but the wanderlust was high in us. We look through the calendar and marked the long weekend, THREE days in a row Bang!!

As we hit the internet (OK Google!) we were in a profusion of trips just name your predicted habitat and you'll find a plethora of trips, we were more into trekking or call it a love for the mountains we chose Kareri, an untouched glacial lake in Himachal. Not wasting a second we confirmed our booking from We were three in number but later two more friends joined.

Since the trek isn't much common we searched for some blogs and found out some scary experiences, it was written that 'it is very common to have an encounter with wild animals mostly leopards especially during the winter time when these creatures search for food in vast snow-covered mountains'. 

JustWravel is a team dedicated to making every bit of your journey memorable. Our trip itinerary as provided by the travel team was McLeod Ganj -> Kareri Village -> Trek to Reoti Village -> Kareri Lake -> Back to Reoti Village -> Back to Kareri Village -> Back to McLeod Ganj. So a total of three days with both nights stay in Reoti Village since staying at Kareri in January seems not possible.

We made our next booking which is the bus to and fro Delhi to McLeod Ganj. Our previous experiences made us book the Laxmi Holidays bus service. Their Volvo bus is a class in itself.

The journey started on time and we arrived McLeod as per scheduled. We were provided a room to freshen up and later without wasting a second we packed our breakfast and departed for Kareri village around 10:30 AM in a TATA SUMO car. The driver was daring enough to drive at a significant speed in a disintegrated muddy-rocky road. We stopped in to capture the view with a milestone.

We went on and reached the Kareri village which was the commencing point of our trek; the view from this village was extraordinary. You will not leave this village without having a thought of settling to this beautiful location. Look down to this beautiful picture from a small house where we did our lunch and were almost ready to begin the trek.

It was hardly 100-200 meters we stepped and our heartbeat quickened, it was a moment of fear but as we moved up, body maintained the pace. You won’t find any shop or mankind in your way, just a few villagers set up a small tea shop during the peak season and luckily we found one.

Our first destination was Reoti Village and we arrived around 6 in the eve. The place was so serene peaceful, it was getting dark, the air was calm but almost freezing at the same time. A small stream of water flowing down is a water of Kareri glacial lake which we were about to trek next day. The temperature upon our arrival was in sub-zero. 

The beauty of this place is best defined during the night time when you have moon right above you along with the constellation of stars. I was awestruck upon looking the snow covered mountains under the moonlight. Till now I have had just heard about the beauty of moonlight falling in the snow lighting it up, but now I witness!

Apart from the beautiful scenery, I loved the solitude and the challenging nature of the terrain. Indeed, one of my fondest memories of my Kareri Trek experience was laughing and joking with fellow trampers. Not surprisingly, much of the humor was related to the trek wilderness and past vivid experiences. It’s difficult to exaggerate just how much of it there really was!

Our next day morning was a challenging one, legs were little bit numb due to cold. We woke up freshen ourselves in nature and had a late breakfast. Ready to trek further!

This trek is lovable, you will find some amazing ice patterns and their formation like some gems, the best part was the small spaces under huge rocks gives you feeling like Man vs Wild. I tried to reproduce one scene 'to lite fire to warm ourselves' and I bet lighting a fire in such temperature and altitude is a tough task.

The destination will always leave you awed! You get goosebumps, there is a sense of proud, a strange feeling which will impact your consciousness and this can heal anything, any wound. Yes, we arrived our ultimate destination point: Kareri Glacial Lake.

There is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Shakti on a hilltop overlooking the lake. You can feel the positivity in the air, one can meditate for hours and you get the best feeling getting around here and looking the scenic panorama. We went down to the frozen lake and walked a bit. However, the locals avoid stepping into frozen lake considering as a respect, fear or helping the tourists in case of emergency.

We could not camp here due to so less temperature and no availability of woods, the climate changes abruptly and staying might put you at great risks. We enjoyed much and that feeling is ingrained in us forever. We started trekking down to Reoti village in the early evening so as to reach before its dark or-else trekking down in snow could be detrimental, one wrong step and you are nowhere.

 All in all, I am happy with the trip, there were challenges but as long as you have your peeps by your side its just a roller coaster ride. I encourage all to Travel!


Travelogue by Suyash



Suyash Srivastava works as a camera engineer in the semiconductors industry

Having spent years as a professional photographer he's now turned his lens to travel. He's passionate about exploring the untouched beauty, trekking, camping and simultaneously blogging about his experience. Find him on Instagram.


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