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After you've been shooting for a while with your kit lens you realize that images made with kit lens lack quality of the professional images. At this point you start to look for better lenses and find that the market is full of various options. It becomes difficult to make a choice because all these lenses are quite expensive. This guide is written to help you out in making the best decision while choosing your new lens.

Understanding Lens Categorization

Most common categorization of lenses is based on fixed or variable focal length. Focal length is the distance between focal point of the 'combined lens elements' from the sensor plane of the camera. 

My friends often ask me for help to decide which camera they should buy. So I decided to write this blog on how to select a camera and the things to look for in a camera body. We will focus on DSLR cameras but some of the concepts are universal and shall be applicable on any camera system. 

1. Decide on your budget

Many times we tend to overlook this factor and only come to realize that it is expensive when it comes to paying to bill. A major consideration is to be sure if you want to buy your camera with some professional aspiration which means you plan to make money with your camera or, you are buying to take pictures of friends and family, probably do some travel photography. Most camera companies have segmented their products into three categories; professional, semi-professional or serious hobbyist, entry level. As the technology & competition is growing fast, the distinction between these segments is fading away.

Bird Photography is one of the most challenging photography, it’s not easy to click photographs of wild birds. Wild birds are usually shy and they often don’t pose for the camera, therefore, it’s very difficult to get close enough to take the best shot. But if you know basics of bird photography and understand the avian behavior and habitat then it becomes much easier to capture beautiful moments of the birds. Bird photography is a fascinating hobby.

Shimla view from Mall Road



So it all started when one of my friend asked me if I would like to go to Shimla with her and my immediate response was ‘YES’. I consider myself a self-proclaimed best budget trip planner without compromising on the experience. I know that might seem a bit narcissistic but just get over it! LoL.

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