Welcome to our weekly competition

Every week on Monday a theme is declared. Anyone can participate in this competition irrespective of your experience in photography. Purpose of this competition is to promote personal growth of budding photographers and also provide exposure.

Here's how it works: 

Participate in our weekly competition "Snap of the Week" and compete to get published on www.snapoholic.com Gallery & get promoted on our other social media platforms. Stand a chance to be exhibited in our annual exhibition and published in our annual Photo-book. 

THEME for this week is "Modern Architecture"

"Architectural photography is the photographing of buildings and similar structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and accurate representations of their subjects. Architectural photographers are usually skilled in the use of specialized techniques and equipment"

There are two categories -
A. Snapoholic Advance
B. Snapoholic Beginner 


1. You may submit up to 3 images, out of which only one will be selected to run for the competition. Get registered by sending a message on Whatsapp at 9717708854. Mention your category in your whatsapp message. Once registration is confirmed you can email your entries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. anytime during the week. You have the option to change your entry until Friday 5:00 PM (IST). 
NOTE: If you are already a member of SnapWalk you can directly email your entry.

2. On Friday after 5:00 PM entries will be published on the FB Group Album - Join www.facebook.com/groups/snapoholic Look for a Photo Album with the same name as the competition. 

3. On Saturday Voting* will start at 9:00 AM (IST). You must vote on more than 5 images.

4. On Sunday 5:00 PM (IST) voting will conclude. Images with top 3 maximum total number of votes, after closing, will be declared as the winners.

Winner entry along with runner ups will be: 

1. Published on www.snapoholic.com and will also be promoted on various social media. 

2. Winning entries from various weeks also stand a chance to be published in our annual Photo-Book and/or displayed in our annual exhibition in New Delhi, India.

How VOTING works:

1. Voting mechanism is very simple. Each group member can vote by commenting either of "1" = 1 vote or "2" = Excellent. No comment = "0" vote. For example You will put "2" in the comment box for an excellent image or write nothing for an image which is not impressive. 

Each category will have 3 winners, namely, gold, silver & bronze.

For any question feel free to write an email or whatsapp me on the provided number above. 

Are you ready? GO!
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