Photography Tuition



This is an innovating training method available at Snapoholic based on one-on-one learning philosophy. These personal tuitions can help you learn and acquire photography skills from absolute zero level to an advanced amateur level in the shortest time possible.

To start, we recommend you to buy a DSLR camera to take the complete course.


The course is designed in Three Modules:

1.       Introduction to  camera & Photography equipment (3 classes = Rs 1500/-)

a.       Early history and first camera.

b.      Film camera and digital camera

c.       Detailed working of camera and controls.

2.       Clicking pictures with the camera and getting acquainted with camera controls. (3 classes = Rs 1500/-)

a.       Learning basics of Exposure triangle.

b.      Learning to use Focusing and metering modes.

c.       Practicing Shutter priority, aperture priority and manual mode.

3.       Learning aesthetics of an image from an artist’s perspective. (3 classes = Rs 1500/-)

a.       Study paintings to understand elements of beauty.

b.      Basics of composition

c.       Advanced Composition techniques


4.       Introduction to Photography Genres and developing a personal style.(4 classes = Rs 4000/-)

This module is aimed at advanced amateurs who are ready to accept weekend assignments and are doing some sort of professional photography work.

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