Snap-Shops are short duration workshops uniquely designed to teach Photography through experiential learning model. This model is about minimum instructions and maximum activities to explore and develop your own unique style while absorbing the advance concepts in photography.

Why SnapShops? The best way to Learn Photography is by DOING! & that's what make our workshops unique. Once you become a part of Snapoholic family by participating in any of our activity you get lifetime support from this community. 

We offer following Modules:

1. Early Birds (4 Hrs)

This workshop is best suited for beginners. Participants learn how to use a DSLR camera, 3 basic Composition principles & short introduction to various genres of photography.

2. Hobbyist to Expert (12 Hrs)

As the name suggests this workshop is best suited for photographers who are already chasing their dream to establish themselves in the industry. Participants are introduced to advance concepts in composition and discover their signature style with the help of engaging activities.

3. Creative Potpourri (12 Hrs)

This workshop is best suited for people who are in a creative field and want to step into photography. It's a comprehensive program which covers from basics to advance concepts in photography. After attending this workshop participants shall be confident about the genre that they want to step into.

In addition to these modules we also offer following Capsuled workshops:

1. Introduction to Camera Equipment & Accessories (2 Hrs)

2. Landscape Photography (2 Hrs)

3. Street Photography (2 Hrs)

4. Portrait Photography (2 Hrs)

5. Lighting (4 Hrs)

4. Basics of Composition (3 Hrs)

5. Advanced Composition (6 Hrs)


Who can book?

Corporate, Institutes, group of individuals, Housing societies, clubs or just about any group of 6-20 individuals. Participants must have a DSLR camera for maximum benefit.

What do you need?

A closed space for 12-20 people to sit and an open space nearby, projector, white board and markers.


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