17th Sep. 2017, Snapoholic decided to explore Kumhar Gram, or, what is popularly known as Potter’s village among photographers which is a settlement of more than 800 potters’ families in the western outskirts of Delhi. Most of us took metro to Uttam Nagar East terminal on blue line and from there it’s less than 5 minutes on an e-rickshaw.

 On this walk we were joined by the world-renowned travel and commercial photographer Mr. Shahid Hashmi. We reached there at 7 o’clock in the morning and this is the time that life starts in this area. People start their shops and work on the clay put it on the potter’s wheel. They make all the pottery in during the day time and bake these in the evening when they turn the kiln on. Since we went in the morning we couldn’t get the kiln shot. Hopefully, we’ll go there soon again, maybe in the evening this time.

Unlike many other places in Delhi where people object to be photographed, I found people here more friendly and lively. They loved to engage in conversation and would invite us to their homes to photographer them while they worked. No one expected money from us. We did give out chocolates to the children though. That worked as a good incentive to get some lively smiles. 

  • Vishnu Patro - Children 2
  • Akash Mohla- The spinning wheel
  • Vishnu Patro - hands at work
  • Asif Ansari - Hands in clay
  • Preeti - Pottery
  • Abhishek Dutt - The man at work
  • Akash Mohla - Future in the Eyes
  • Vishnu Patro - hands at work 2
  • Yash - Bazar
  • Asif Ansari - The vessels
  • Vishnu Patro - Children
  • Akash Mohla - Dust in time
  • Preeti - Potter's pride
  • Vishnu Patro - A 100 dreams
  • Yash - The time machine
  • Vishnu Patro - Earthen pots
  • Ashish Bhart - Wife's life
  • Asif Ansari - Years that went by
  • Asif Ansari - TImeless

Details of Participants are as below:

Aamir Khan, Abhishek Dutt, Akash Mohla, Ashish Bharti, Asif Ansari, Preeti, Vishnu Patro, Yash and more. 

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