It was a very good start of the day as we met at Chawri Bazar metro station gate no. 1 at 8 am in the morning. It was surprising to see a lot of activity even on a Sunday when the market stays closed on weekly day off. Before, I describe our day any further I would like to tell you how we planned this walk and come together to have this wonderful experience. We have our WhatsApp group where we plan Photo-walks and many fun activities to promote photography and yes all of our activities are non-profit. So if you think you have a passion for photography please join us on our next walk. You might wanna register with us as a photographer to keep in touch. Alright, so without further ado here we go!  

Chandni Chowk carries a long history of at least 500 years which means that it is not designed for driving cars or using electricity. Hustle bustle of this place may easily overwhelm you but once you begin to resonate at the same frequency as this place you experience tranquility in chaos. So I decided to drive up there. One of the charming snapoholics said that she'd like to hitch a ride with me from Noida so we started at 7:15 am and we reached by 7:40 am but it took us quite a while to find a parking spot. I know it may sound next to impossible but there are 3 very convenient multilevel parking available in Chandni Chowk area. By this time more than 10 people had already reached the meeting point and some were trying to reach me on phone to inform that they were going to be late. As we planned, Mr. Sabyasachi, an avid traveler and photographer decided to introduce us to the history of old Delhi, specially that of Jama Masjid. I really felt that it helped us to connect with the essence of old Delhi and fall in love with this lovely mess all over again. After this information exchange we exchanged some tips on camera settings and then we divided into groups of 5 or six people each, ensuring that at least one experienced member stays in each group. 

We began taking pictures as we walked through the narrow lanes of this ancient marvel. As a photographer I find this place really fascinating and challenging too. Because it is very easy to get confused as there are hundreds of interesting subjects all around you and it becomes hard to focus on one image. I noticed that all the members had some unique ideas and they started hunting for their shot of the day. 



 We walked from Chawri Bazar metro station gate no. 1 to Jama masjid Gate No. 2 which is the gate at Meena Bazar side. 


Once we reached here sun was already shining bright on us and making us tired. There is a ticket of Rs. 300 to take a DSLR camera inside and take pictures. So I decided to first check out the place if I could get some interesting shots. I felt that the sun was too strong and the main dome was undergoing some renovation work. So I held myself back and decided to save my 300 bucks. We decided to find a shade and settle down as Mr. Sabyasachi explained to us the history of Jama Masjid and few interesting folklores associated with the mosques conception. 

Afterwards, we decided to go visit Haveli (mansion) of famous sufi poet Mirza Ghalib in Ballimaran. This historical building is lucky to have received attention from the government and restored to a healthy shape. There are many other buildings which are much older than this that lie in ruins, lost in the narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk. To our pleasant surprise we ran into renowned Travel photographer Mr. Dheeraj Paul who also happens to be the brand ambassador of Sony Alpha cameras in India. 

 This is where our walk concluded. While some of us departed for the day, few of us stayed back to treat our grumbling tummies. We checked into this famous paratha place called Kake di hutti in the church lane also known as cloth market. As I mentioned earlier, Chandni Chowk never cease to surprise you. Just when you think that it's over you will be reminded of uniqueness of this place again and again and again. We ordered, thankfully, 5 parathas for 9 of us. What came to our table was nothing like a paratha that I have ever seen in my life. It was bigger than a large size Pizza! Don't believe me? Wait, here is the picture - 


Thank you for joining us on this SnapWalk and I hope you must have enjoyed your experience. Please comment below your feedback and suggestions on how can we improve the SnapWalks.

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